New HR Director for Itadel


The 39-year-old Kristine Weng Thorvildsen will join Itadel by the turn of the year as the new HR Director. Kristine worked as a HR Manager at her last job at NNIT. Additionally, she has worked as a HR Manager at Njord Law Firm and as a HR Director at Hilti.

Regarding the new challenges, Kristine Weng Thorvildsen says:
-    I have always strived after HR being an integrated and natural part of the business. This position is interesting, because I get the opportunity to work in an industry, which is characterized by at very high degree of professionalism and dedication. I am looking forward to supporting the internationalization and scaling of Itadel - the organization is on a very exciting journey right now.

First, Kristine will focus on getting to know the dynamics of the organization and supporting the new office in Prague, where a strong culture across borders will be important.

Jess Julin Ibsen, CEO at Itadel, says:
-    Kristine has the right profile for the job. She has international experience – we are in the middle of establishing our subsidiary company in Prague. Additionally, she has experience from companies that have big success with creating a strong company culture.

Kristine Weng Thorvildsen is Master of Science in Business Administration and Commercial Laws (cand.merc.jur.) from Copenhagen Business School and has worked with HR through her whole career.

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