Optimize your business

In order to make your business more efficient and create higher performance with the same resources, it is important that your company's IT does not stand in the way – it should pave the way.

Optimize your business

Does it have to be difficult?

At Itadel, we think that it does not have to be difficult. That is why we focus on making life easier for ourselves and for our customers. Like Einstein said: ”Make everything as simple as possible – but not simpler”.

We do not over-complicate neither our processes nor our solutions, and we are extremely devoted to making our solutions easy to work with for our customers, so that they get the freedom to concentrate on their core business.

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Get the right hybrid IT infrastructure that will enable your company to move faster and more securely. You can get it at Itadel. Let us come visit you and explain how we can help you.

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Our customers say...

Our customers are companies of different sizes. Our 300 specialists take responsibility for our customers' business-critical IT solutions across many platforms and technologies – 24/7.

Henrik Andersson

FOF, Head of IT
Partnership is a big word to use, but it fits the description of our experience very well. When we speak to anyone at Itadel we get the sense, that they are always acting in our best intrest. And that's just a great way to work.

Thomas Fischer

Synoptik, Director of IT
We've previously been challenged by not being on the same wave-length as our partner. We've found the right match now. We felt that on our very first visit to Itadel. We fit each other much better than was the case with our previous supplier.

Brian Bremer

DLA Piper, Head of IT
After several years of hosting our systems in-house, we agreed that we should let other experts handle our IT. This has given us a trimmed solution.

Morten Wagner

ISS, Head of Global IT Sourcing
Itadel took responsibility from day one, and delivered quickly, with great flexibility and an attractive economic model. Their routines suit us well, in a company where the gap between thought and action is often short, and we work very fast.

Lean on us

It is of vital importance that you choose IT platforms that do not limit your possibilities of taking action right there in your business where it creates value. At Itadel, we can help you do that.

Your business comes first

When we take over operation of your IT, it is extremely important to us that we understand your business. For the two things are inextricably connected. To us, your business comes first.

Security, above all

IT security is about the security of the business. Thus, the most important thing is not the technology you choose, but that your business is protected in the right way.

Hybrid IT is agile IT

A hybrid IT infrastructure enables you to match your business needs with the right IT platforms for each task. The result is smarter investments and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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