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ITR Group strengthens competencies in hosting and operations as well as cloud transformation through acquisitions of Itadel and Cloud Teams

Through the merger of two of the country’s largest IT service providers, Itadel and IT Relation create unique opportunities for customers and employees.

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From our clients

Reliable IT-systems are necessary for our ability to run an efficient business and to create a strong foundation for a digital supply chain. It's the foundation for the best possible agility and availability for our customers.
Michael Larsen
We believe that by offering digital solutions in addition to our core services, we can make ourselves so attractive that the customers prefer us.
Jesper Britze
Our IT-infrastructure is a central element in the futureproofing of our business. Our agreement is part of our strategy to transform and modernize our IT-capabilities. With Itadel we can leverage a dual-center set-up, which we expect will deliver maximum safety and security. 
Michael Bernth Nielsen
After several years of hosting our systems in-house, we agreed that we should let other experts handle our IT. This has given us a trimmed solution.
Brian Bremer
Head of IT


Select Services

Cloud Service Operation

Cloud solutions still require operations. Draw on our expertise across all clouds to achieve maximum up-time, security and access to ressources.

Database Performance Management

Databases are at the center of well performing applications and an essential part of delivering fast and stable user-experiences.

Cloud Desktop as a Service

Cloud Desktop as a Service elevates the user experience and your company-wide security. And it can deliver savings on end-user platforms as well.

Kubernetes as a Service

Let us manage, update, patch and maintain your container-based platforms, and let your developers focus on delivering updates and new services.

End User Services

Let us help your end users get more done and spend their time servicing your customers and building services, than troubleshooting IT.

Microsoft 365

We can help you all the way from the right design of your Microsoft 365 solution, to securing your data and supporting your users.

Consultancy services

Our consultants are pure specialists - they possess expert knowledge about databases, application servers, terminal servers and clients.

Security Services

Regain control of system vulnerabilities with Vulnerability scans and protect your data from attacks with snapshot backup and Ransomware Recovery services.

Infrastructure as a Service

With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) you'll get access to a powerful and modern cloud-platform allowing you to easily and securely build PoC's and test-systems.

Middleware & Application Services

Middleware and Application services gives you access to the exact level of protection your many business-critical applications require.

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