We are certified both by independent IT auditors and by ISO auditors, so we can help you live up to the legal requirements.

Become Compliant

    Certified - a high security level

    Our information security management system is built on continous moniroting, learning and improvement, and the documentation of what we do in these three processes is essential. 

    Based on the original security level from the Danish DS484, we achieved the international ISO 27001 certification in 2013. With the certification, the entire company has a higher security level, generally speaking. This means that the entire company's security level is supported by a dedicated security function and a management system. We constantly develop the security competences and train security at all levels in the company.

    We deliver high-quality documentation, compliance and auditing of all processes and activities, which means that we can offer 100% certified services. The documented risk management includes the delivered services, monitoring and control as well as compliance.



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