The best of both worlds

Your business-critical applications are only as good as the platforms on which they operate. As a consequence, we work with many application developers so that you can let specialists handle development, and experts operate your IT. You get the best of both worlds.

Certified - a high level of security

Our information security management system is built on continous moniroting, learning and improvement, and the documentation of what we do in these three processes is essential. 

Based on the original security level from the Danish DS484, we achieved the international ISO 27001 certification in 2013. With the certification, the entire company has a higher security level, generally speaking. This means that the entire company's security level is supported by a dedicated security function and a management system. We constantly develop the security competences and train security at all levels in the company.

We deliver high-quality documentation, compliance and auditing of all processes and activities, which means that we can offer 100% certified services. The documented risk management includes the delivered services, monitoring and control as well as compliance.


Certified for heighetened security

Our entire level of security has been heightened by our Information Security certification. As a result our general level of security is supported by a dedicated Information Security function and an accompanying leadership-system. We constantly work on expanded competencies and security-related education on all levels of our organization.

Documented risk-management

On select platforms we are able to deliver a high level of documentation, compliance and audits of all processes and activities - meaning we can offer fully certified services. The documented risk-management includes delivered services, monitoring, control and compliance.


Expert operations, expert development

We frequently collaborate work with developers and systems integrators such as Systematic and CGI who are specialized in building and developing industry-specific applications.

We make sure that developers get the best possible conditions, depending on the application, and that your business-critical systems run on the platform creating the most value for your business. In cooperation with development companies like Delegate, we make sure that your Microsoft-based platforms are stable and dimensioned correctly allowing them to grow along with your needs.

Experts for each and every task

Splitting up operation and development allows you to choose your preferred development partner without having to consider whether they also have IT-operation competences, specialists prepared for emergency situations 24/7, as well as network, storage and database experts at hand. When we act as Single Point of Contact for your solutions, we are responsible for problem solving and for contacting your development partner, if needed.

Access to state-of-the-art technology

Whether dedicated hardware or cloud solutions are the right choises for the important applications in your business, you will need access to technology from some of the largest IT companies in the world.

With global players like IBM and Citrix, we build dedicated environments that can be adjusted to even the strictest requirements that you customers, partners and applications may have to your IT operation.

Business-critical cloud on Danish ground

Our Danish private cloud has been built in close cooperation with HP Enterprise and VMware, and it has been dimensioned to meet enterprise requirements. Our Private Cloud can handle business-critical platforms and applications for thousands of users, while at the same time, allowing you the freedom of more choices than is available to your business in a Public Cloud.

Direct access to azure

We have a close partnership with Microsoft. We work with them about everything from Windows licenses and Office 365 to public cloud solutions with Azure. We can include Azure in your solution, if access to global scale is valuable to your business model, or if you have applications that benefit from hyperscaling.