Door to the future

We are the IT service provider who opens the door to the future and the huge potential of digitization. We use technology to create solutions that develop and support your business. We keep one step ahead of the technological development to be able to develop new services that match your business and create business value.

Understanding your business

Focus is always on your business. Being near and understanding your business is key to our cooperation. Thanks to our proactive approach, you will experience that we continuously challenge you. We are there for you, when you need us. We will help you both in the daily work and when things get critical. We keep on until issues are thoroughly solved. Because we act and react quickly and efficiently, we save your company both time and money. Because we manage your business-critical IT, we ensure operational stability and optimum security.

We make it simple

The most important thing for us is to be able to deliver and operate secure and strong IT platforms, based on what is best for your business. Whether it is the physical hardware in the basement or the hyper scalable cloud solutions.

We focus on making life easier for ourselves and our customers. Like Einstein said: ”Make everything as simple as possible – but not simpler”. We do not over-complicate neither our processes nor our solutions, and we are extremely devoted to making our solutions easy to work with for our customers so that they get the freedom to concentrate on their core business.

Our success

Our success is based on talented, helpful and dynamic employees who continuously develop customized solutions that support the customers' IT operations.

Together with our partners, we are one step ahead of the most recent technology, but we also know that this is not enough. We will not get results before human beings with genuine commitment and careful reflection use the technology in the right way.

As a consequence, we are agile and action-oriented, and we focus on understanding and meeting the different needs and requirements of our customers within operation of servers and applications, across platforms.

Our history


Itadel completes the acquisition of a majority stake in the succesful Microsoft Cloud consulting company Cloud Teams. Together, Itadel and Cloud Teams offer end-to-end solutions and operations in both public- and private clouds.


Itadel establishes a subsidiary in the Czech Republic capital city of Prague, in order to offer new international services.


In May, the 250 employees at Itadel's headquarters move from the TDC offices at Sletvej in Tranbjerg to their own office at Viby Torv in Aarhus. In June, the approx. 50 employees at Teglholmen move to their own office in Ballerup. In the same period of time, Jess Julin Ibsen joins the company as the new CEO at Itadel.


In February, TDC Hosting is sold to the Danish private equity fund Maj Invest Equity which officially takes over ownership on March 31, 2017. In September, TDC Hosting changes its name to Itadel A/S.


TDC A/S chooses to keep TDC Hosting after a strategic review that concludes that TDC Hosting creates more value as a part of the TDC group. TDC Sverige is sold to Tele 2, including the TDC Hosting business.


At the beginning of the year, TDC Hosting is officially put up for sale by TDC A/S. TDC Hosting Sverige merges with TDC Sverige and becomes TDC IT Solutions. TDC Hosting Sverige becomes "a major client" of TDC Hosting and is no longer part of TDC Hosting.


TDC A/S sells TDC Finland and TDC Hosting Finland to the Finnish company DNA. In this way, TDC Hosting Finland leaves TDC Hosting and is ISO 27001 certified at a level corresponding to DS484's toughened rules for dealing in the market for public services.


TDC Hosting moves from Oluf Palmes Allé and Hedeager in Aarhus N, to TDC’s headquarters on Sletvej in Tranbjerg.


TDC Hosting acquires DIR A/S.


TDC Hosting closes down the name TDC Webmore. Now the entire company is called TDC Hosting.


TDC Hosting acquires UNI2, and the customers are transferred to TDC Webmore.

TDC Hosting takes over activities from TDC Nordic and establishes TDC Hosting AB and TDC Hosting OY in Sweden and Finland, respectively.


TDC Hosting establishes the sub-brand TDC Webmore with direct online sales of hosting, domains and e-mail to small companies.


TDC acquires the hosting company and starts to merge parts of TDC Internet with the newly acquired company. TDC establishes a new company and names it TDC Hosting. TDC Hosting focuses on IT operation for medium-sized Danish companies and the parent corporation TDC.


Enabling digital transformation
Adding value
Shaping tomorrow’s IT today


Helping our customers capitalize on the digitalization by offering simple solutions to complex IT challenges.

Minimizing risk, maximizing value, seeking excellence in everything we do.

Building strong relationships with customers, partners and employees to meet future opportunities with speed, agility and trust.

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We give our customers the freedom to focus on their business and their customers. We eliminate complexity from business critical IT, and make it simple to to get the right combination of scalable platforms and solid services. Care to join us?