DLA Piper Denmark

The Danish department of the international law firm DLA Piper cleans up and optimizes with 100% outsourcing.

    - After several years of hosting our systems in-house, we agreed that we should let other experts handle our IT. This has given us a trimmed solution, Brian Bremer explains. He is the IT Director at DLA Piper Denmark.

    Uptime is crucial for 400 employees

    - Our most important IT issue is uptime. As all of our 400 employees spend many hours every day using our ERP system, the systems must be available at all times. If not, we will waste valuable time and resources. So, it is pretty important to us that the connection works, Brian Bremer explains.

    He has been part of the project from the very beginning – from the decision to outsource to the actual migrations and the cooperation with Itadel.

    - We actually do not have that many systems, but the ones we have are extremely important to us in our daily work. At the same time, many of my colleagues are often on the move, visiting customers. As a consequence, we need a stable Citrix solution, he says.

    - After having hosted the systems in-house for many years, we agreed that we should let other experts handle our IT. This has given us a trimmed solution, Brian Bremer says.

    Expertise and experience – that was the solution

    - We held meetings with several potential suppliers, but Itadel had the experience and expertise we were looking for. They very quickly surveyed the situation and offered the solution we were looking for, Brian Bremer clarifies.

    The solution went live on September 1, 2012. The preceding migration period lasted approximately a couple of weeks.

    - Before the system went live, it turned out that one of our servers could not be reinstalled. As a consequence, we could not move it, and the live migration took place from server to server. But Itadel handled this situation flawlessly, he says.

    A consultant can help you meet your challenges

    During migration, a consultant will often step in to help you with the challenges you may encounter in the migration process.

    The consultant is the customer's Single Point of Contact, and the consultant has the advantage of knowing the customer's solution and the technologies.

    - Henning Petersen is our consultant, and he has been a great help in the process, Brian Bremer evaluates.

    In addition to migrating Exchange, Itadel also helped in connection with file migration and several SQL migrations.

    Who is DLA Piper Denmark?

    The company was established in 1869 in the name of LETT, and it is one of the oldest law firms in Denmark. In 2017, LETT merged with the international group DLA Piper and is now among Denmark largest full-service law firms. DLA Piper Denmark provides legal advice about Danish law and EU law for the corporate and public sectors, organizations and private persons.

    DLA Piper employs approx. 400 employees who are divided between offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

    Which solution has Itadel created for DLA Piper Denmark?

    DLA Piper Denmark has chosen to outsource all its IT to Itadel who takes middleware responsibility for their domain controllers, SQL server, Exchange server, SharePoint server, Citrix servers and file server as well as their network.

    In addition, Itadel handles monitoring, update patching and backup for their application servers.

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