FOF journey towards the cloud

Denmarks largest supplier of adult education updates its IT infrastructure and prepare for GDPR together with Itadel. And they are getting even higher value than they had hoped for.

It's a true partnership

Every year, more than 250,000 Danes gain insight, knowledge and experience from participating in one of FOF's courses, lectures or excursions. This requires a strong digital infrastructure.

At the same time, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) challenges FOF with new requirements. As a consequence, FOF optimizes its digital solutions in collaboration with Itadel in order to get more secure and stable IT operation from a trusted partner.

- Partnership is a very large word to use, but it is a good description of our experience. When we talk to someone at Itadel, we get the feeling that they safeguard our interests, and that's just a great way of working, says head of IT at FOF, Henrik Andersson.

Always the same story: It simply works

When the objective is to deliver good digital services for 250,000 Danes every year with four employees in the IT department, it is of vital importance to find a partner you can rely on. At FOF, they already know Itadel from the operation of an Exchange solution and a number of virtual servers that supplement the schools' local servers.

- It was actually a bit boring, because it simply worked. In fact, it would have been OK if it shut down just once in a while so that I can document that I am worth the investment, Henrik Andersson laughs and continues:

- But, all in all, of course I want our things located where everything simply works.

When Henrik Andersson and FOF investigated the market to find the right supplier to help them modernize their IT platform, they found that the prices were pretty much the same. As a consequence, it was very easy for them to choose Itadel to handle the consolidation of the fragmented structure into one single solution.

- My experience with Itadel is that it takes vanishingly little time from when you contact them with a problem until everything works. Often times, they even find the problems themselves. Then they just send a report saying that the problem has been solved, and we have not even registered it. This means that my life is very simple and easy. It may be a bit boring, but definitely easy, Henrik Andersson says.

It is of vital importance to get the right solution

At FOF, there are no Citrix or database experts. Four employees operate IT solutions and cover the entire spectrum. As a consequence, it was important to find someone who could challenge them when the new solution was in the planning.

- I usually joke by saying, that the only thing I know about Citrix is how to spell it. But what I do know are the important business requirements the solutions needs to live up to. During the entire process I maintained that I was not the expert. I needed someone to challenge me, and that is what I got. That is extremely valuable, because only then are you certain that what you get is the right solution, and not just what you asked for, Henrik Andersson explains and continues:

- I don't have to get it my way. I have to get the right solution.

Partnership is a big word, but...

The entire infrastructure was handed over to Itadel, and that is a sensitive area to FOF.

They considered building the solution in Microsoft's Azure cloud, but FOF chose to stay with a supplier they know and with whom they have good experiences.

- If you are a small company, placing your basic infrastructure with Microsoft, you’ll easily end up in a situation where you have to involve several suppliers for design, set-up and operation. So far, my experience with Itadel is that when you call or write them, the problems actually get fixed. It's easy, you don't have to spend a lot of time on it, and you don't need to use a lot of technical descriptions or explanations to describe the problem, Henrik Andersson says.