Hedeselskabet bets on digital

The 150-year-old company, which in the past succeeded in cultivating the very futile moor of Jutland, now focuses on cultivating new digital pastures.

Big digital ambitions

Who would have thought that one of the oldest Danish companies with very proud traditions focuses on using Big Data for developing new innovative solutions and services. Nevertheless, Hedeselskabet is implementing ideas that many Danish companies are still working on in the idea phase. 



- Sharp chainsaws are no longer enough

The objective for Hedeselskabet is to set themselves apart by adding new IT solutions to their core services. Great IT solutions that can create added value for the end customer –  solutions that will make everyday life easier and more efficient, but also solutions that will optimize Hedeselskabet's own business and make it more efficient. 

Jesper Britze, Director of Digitization at Hedeselskabet:

- We don't think that we can outperform our competitors by tuning our chainsaws – in that respect, we are probably just as good as the others. But we think that by offering digital solutions in addition to our core services, we can make ourselves so attractive that the customers prefer us.