A new intranet and a new extranet were the first tasks Itadel were asked to solve − but very quickly, other projects were added.

Multi-sourcing at ISS

ISS has activities in more than 50 countries that operate as independent companies in the group. The shared service center is located in Copenhagen where they work with multi-sourcing, using a number of different IT suppliers. The first task Itadel was to solve for ISS included a new intranet and a new extranet. The purpose was to join the different companies. However, very quickly other projects were added.

The right profile

- We were looking for new suppliers for our IT operation and agreed that Itadel had the right profile. Consequently, we invited them to enter into a dialogue, and when it turned out that our expectations matched and that Itadel was able to present the most advantageous offer, they got the deal, Morten Wagner says, who is Head of Global IT Sourcing at ISS.

A continuously growing partnership

ISS has a number of written requirements that companies must comply with in order to become permanent suppliers, and fast implementation as well as meeting deadlines are among their first priorities.

- From day one, Itadel took on responsibility and they solved the task, using a financially advantageous model. Their working routines match ours − when they have an idea, they act upon it, and we also work very fast. As a consequence, we chose to give them additional projects, and at the moment our cooperation with Itadel grows more than our cooperation with any of our other suppliers, Morten Wagner explains.  

Stable operation frees resources

- The tasks we have at Itadel run very stably, and we think that they are very proactive at Itadel in their approach to the tasks. As a consequence, they are very often one step ahead with solutions, before a challenge becomes an actual problem, Morten Wagner explains and adds: When we know that the systems are running without our intervention, we can spend our time more rationally and focus on spreading our services instead of worrying about the operation − because we know that it is running.

Technical details

Itadel is responsible for running many applications and systems for ISS, such as:

  • SharePoint site
  • AD domain
  • Navision
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM
  • Shared Citrix farm
  • Operation of local domain controllers as well as VPN infrastructure

About ISS

ISS started in Denmark back in 1901 as a security company, but in the last 100 years, it has developed into a global group with activities in more than 50 countries. Today, ISS is one of the world's largest commercial suppliers of services and has more than 200,000 B2B customers all over the world.