TV 2 Play

With a streaming solution at Itadel, TV 2 prevents bottlenecks when popular TV shows are streamed on TV 2 Play.

    TV 2 is a large Danish public-service TV station. In recent years, TV 2's streaming service Play has been upgraded in order to keep abreast of the demand and to start using Microsoft's most recent streaming technology for online distribution of video.

    Increased demand – new technology

    - Up until now, our streaming has operated on a shared setup at Itadel where we operated with shared storage – and some old operating systems. In order to keep abreast of the demand and to be able to start using Microsoft's most recent streaming technology, we wanted to start using Silverlight as our player, and that required an upgrade of our operation systems, Magnus Rask Detlif explains. He is the manager of on-demand technology and development at TV 2.

    Capacity challenges

    As a consequence, TV 2 Play faced capacity challenges. They had almost reached the maximum bandwidth, and they were forced to limit their TV promotion of Play.

    - Ever since we upgraded, we faced I/O problems on the old system, for instance when we had sneak previews of popular series. So, there was no way around it, we had to update our bandwidth, and we also needed to overhaul and upscale our setup so that it was able to handle more users and new streaming technologies, Magnus Rask Detlif stated.

    Upgraded platform

    In recent years, the Play platform has been upgraded with all new hardware. Today, everything is centered around the Microsoft Silverlight platform.

    - The replacement process actually went really well. First, we replaced live streaming, and after a couple of days, we also replaced the video-on-demand part. We had transferred all the contents so that we could test it ourselves. This meant that we were able to change links on the acutal portal, Magnus Rask Detlif explains. He has a piece of advice for other companies in the same situation:

    - Considering the immense size of the project, the process was frictionless. But find yourselves a good supplier. We have cooperated with Itadel for many years, and the involved people were also part of our old solution, and I am sure that was a determining factor, he evaluates.

    TV 2 Play is now operating with managed hosting at Itadel. Itadel has designed the infrastructure with different servers at different levels.

    About TV 2 Play

    TV 2 Play is TV 2's internet-based video service where the users have access to an extensive archive of TV series and shows which they can see on demand. In addition, it is possible to stream live TV shows.