We specialize in your most important applications

Become certain that your IT department can remain in control of the platforms, and that your line of business gets a chance to benefit from the required applications.

Is your operation ready for cloud?

We take your operation model as our starting point when we design the operation of your business-critical IT systems.

It is our responsibility that the selected IT platforms are the best match for your business, and that they meet your requirements for governance, compliance and security.

In this way, we make sure that the IT department can remain in control of the platforms, that your line of business can get a chance to benefit from the required applications and that everything meets your IT-security requirements.

    Big data and IoT upend the status quo

    When you start using cloud solutions, it pushes your operation model and the rules you have established that govern which applications your business units are allowed to use. Not all cloud solutions can be governed by your rules, so you have to constantly consider your security and compliance requirements and compare them to the advantages your business gets from including new applications.

    For that reason, it may be necessary to adjust the rules that govern which applications you allow and how to operate them. When you collect data in a data warehouse, you need to make sure that the platform can manage your data so that you benefit from it, and that you protect it in accordance with current legislation. We can help you do that.

    We specialize in your most important applications

    Whether the most important applications in your business are proprietary applications, web solutions or ERP systems like MS Dynamics AX and MS Dynamics NAV, our expertise is broad, and we specialize in dimensioning, maintaining and optimizing the supporting platform.

    In many companies, Microsoft's Dynamics applications are central, and we have experience in operating even very large ERP systems for companies that operate globally. We often cooperate with leading consultancy and development houses to ensure the best possible performance and accurate delivery of your applications. Thus, we can help you take a shortcut to efficient operation of the central platforms.

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