Freedom of choice with hybrid cloud

Place your business-critical IT solutions on the platforms that create value for your business goals. You can do that with hybrid cloud.

Let your business dictate your IT platform

Hybrid cloud is a holistic approach to finding the right cloud platform for the business task in question.

This is your chance to mix different cloud solutions so that you get precisely the combination of platforms that matches your business perfectly. You do not have to change or reduce your requirements for security, adaptation, SLA and accessibility as regards the systems on which you cannot afford to compromise. At the same time, you can move fast when it comes to standard solutions that match your strategy.

Place your business-critical IT solutions on the platforms that create value for you and your business goals. You can do that with hybrid cloud, because you get the best possible chance to control your investments, scale up and down – when that creates value – and to move fast.

    Forget about SQL and SSD - it's all about TCO

    Hybrid cloud enables you to match your business needs with the right IT platforms for each task, and for that reason, you can make smarter investments, choose the best platforms at the right time and thus reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Reduce the time it takes to turn your words into action, and save valuable time on implementation of new systems and tools. A hybrid cloud infrastructure as a basis lets the IT department create digital growth in your business.

    Future-proofing included

    The Internet of Things and Big Data are already here, and they put demands on your IT platforms. But what's next, and what can your business benefit from? And do you want to be among the first to make use of the advantages? No matter what it is, it will undoubtedly put demands on your IT platforms. Can you reap the benefits of them with your current platforms, or will they be a nuisance?

    If you choose a hybrid cloud approach for your IT solutions, you will get the advantage of choosing the platforms that enable you to make use of new options when they show up. That alone may be a crucial competitive advantage that you simply need to seize. 

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