Scale your business without limits

With public cloud, you get a short time to market and the possibility to scale massively, which may be an advantage when your business grows.


From 10 to 1000 users in a few minutes

Many applications and standard servers can be operated in a public cloud, and you may want to consider that option.

The short time to market alone, as well as the possibility for fast and massive scaling may be advantages to you when your business grows.

However, no matter where it is located, a server is never just a server. A server in Microsoft Azure requires the same adjustment, monitoring and security as the one you have in your basement. And Office 365 is only really smart when Single Sign-on has been established.

We can help you migrate to public cloud, and we can monitor, integrate and handle security on your Azure platforms so that you can leverage the advantages.

    Discover the advantages of Azure without compromising on security

    Customizing public cloud to fit your security needs is troublesome, and it may be difficult to figure out if public clouds like Microsoft Azure or AWS comply with the security requirements of your business.

    We can help you find out where in your business Azure offers advantages. When we implement our efficient network protection, server protection and logging solutions on your cloud platforms, we increase transparency and control in Azure, which is of vital importance.

    The requirements to compliance do not disappear in the cloud

    Compliance requirement such as loggging and risk analysis applys both public and private clouds alike. Consequently, you must know where legal requirements like the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) apply in your company, and whether they prevent you from using public cloud.

    We have already identified the important areas in which your IT infrastructure must comply with the legal requirements. Thus, we can help you implement and operate solutions in Azure that comply with the documentation requirements. In this way, you can take advantage of Microsoft Azure and get global reach, or you can implement Office 365 and SharePoint as your hyper scalable e-mail and office platforms.

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