Agility is the alpha and omega

When you choose IT outsourcing and a hybrid infrastructure for your business-critical IT platforms, you also get the right IT infrastructure for the right workflow at the right time.

Put your business in the driver's seat

When your business requirements change, the IT operation has to change as well.

By basing your complex IT landscape on hybrid IT, you can transform your solutions from being dedicated into being virtual and from virtual into cloud with the pace that matches to your business.

IT outsourcing helps you prevent overlapping contracts because of delays, and it prevents implementation of business-critical systems before they are ready.

IT outsourcing gears up your business for change.

    IT outsourcing – access to the right workflow at the right time

    It makes a big difference which IT platform you choose for your business applications, and very rarely, the same platform is perfect for all your applications.

    Some applications need dedicated hardware to perform, while others can be scaled up or down, depending on the pressure. You have specific adaptation and security requirement for some applications, and others you need on short notice. The solution cannot be found in one particular infrastructure for everything, but in one hybrid infrastructure that offers the best from three worlds and lets you choose exactly the right infrastructure for each application.

    Hybrid infrastructure is agile infrastructure

    When you choose IT outsourcing and let us handle your infrastructure, you can combine dedicated hardware, private cloud and public cloud across needs and platforms so that your applications are always located where they perform their best.

    IT outsourcing includes servers, storage, backup, network, load balancer and firewall located both in dedicated environments and in our Danish private cloud. You can even combine this with Microsoft Azure services that offer global range when you need it.

    Scale up – and down – as needed

    Do you know the exact required performance of your IT platforms in three months? It is probably impossible to predict, and as a consequence, you purchase over-capacity which you may never even need. But when the BI system needs more space, or the web solution must be scaled up, it is important that you can move fast. And that is much easier when you choose IT outsourcing of your platforms.

    In our private cloud, you will not purchase over-capacity, because you can wait and scale up when the need is there, and in this way, you save investments. And almost equally important; you can scale down again when performance needs are reduced. Thus, you will never pay for more than you need. Your flexibility increases and lets you move fast. That is one of the great advantages of IT outsourcing, and it is one of the great advantages of choosing IT outsourcing when you need efficient IT operation.

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