Press release: Itadel to provide IT support to Flügger


Itadel will in future provide IT support to Flügger's employees, and this will be support for everything from problems with sending emails, printing an invoice in a store or setting up an online meeting. In addition to Flügger's many stores, the support agreement also includes the factories in Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

The main aim of the agreement is to increase productivity in Flügger's business - partly thanks to shorter response times and faster problem solving, but also by Itadel pro-actively focusing on the prevention of bottlenecks and IT problems. 


“Most companies are currently considering outsourcing those parts of their IT operations that are not considered development areas that add value. We need to be more efficient in increasing our market share, and this places more demands on IT support - among other things, that it is fast and available around the clock. We chose Itadel because they have the readiness and competencies in this field”, says Rune Skovsgaard, Head of IT at Flügger.


Jess Julin Ibsen, CEO at Itadel, has this to say about the agreement:
“We are delighted with the agreement. It suits us well as an IT operations company with proven, ISO-certified 24/7 readiness. We can provide support around the clock - whether it is when the bookkeeping team meets at 7.30, when the store's first delivery arrives at 6.00, or when stock is picked on a Sunday night. Help will always be at your fingertips”.


Michael Larsen, COO at Flügger, explains further:
“Reliable IT systems are essential for us to run an efficient business and create a strong foundation for a digitised supply chain. This is the foundation for ensuring the best possible agility and accessibility for our customers”.


Itadel provides help desk support to Flügger's IT users, stores and production environments with both telephone support and onsite support at key locations. In addition, Itadel provides workspace management services where PCs, phones and notepads are updated and managed by Itadel.


About Itadel

Itadel A/S is owned by the Danish private equity fund Maj Invest Equity that took over the company on March 31, 2017. Ever since it was founded in 2004, the company has been in constant growth. At that time, there were 50 employees, and the company had a turnover of 70 million Danish kroner. Today, there are 300 dedicated employees, and the turnover is approximately half a billion Danish kroner. Itadel A/S has offices in Denmark in both Aarhus and Copenhagen as well as an office in Prague, Czechia.

Contact information
CEO Jess Julin Ibsen, Itadel A/S, Phone +45 21 62 72 60,