Itadel opens subsidiary in Prague


Press release 22 October 2018

As part of their growth strategy, the IT-outsourcing company Itadel is now establishing a subsidiary in Prague.

There are multiple factors that have influenced the decision concerning Itadel's presence outside of Denmark. However, naturally the most important thing is satisfying customers' needs.

- Customers are starting to ask for Service Desk services in a wide variety of languages. Many of our customers are establishing business entities outside of Denmark. That is why this is a natural step in the direction of being there for the customer all the way - for their entire business. Our goal is to internationalize Itadel moving forward and to service our customers in many different languages, says Jess Julin Ibsen, CEO of Itadel.

Prague – a popular city for young IT people
- Prague is on the way to becoming Europe's equivalent of Silicon Valley. A large number of companies are moving there because there they have access to young, well-educated IT employees. Both in Italy and Spain, youth unemployment is high, and many recent graduates are quick to resettle in Prague to start their career. Here, a Danish company like Itadel would be attractive, because Scandinavian culture and management style is generally viewed positively among young people in Southern Europe, Jess Julin Ibsen explains.

Improving competitiveness
- An important aspect of establishing Itadel in Prague is also the generally low wages prevalent on the Czech labor market. The establishment of a presence in Prague gives us access to a labor market with an entirely different level of wages than we see here at home. We are able to keep our payroll costs at a level that will improve our competitive ability in a market that is under pressure. It is about being both smarter and cheaper than our competitors and our customers' own IT staff, Jess Julin Ibsen says.

First employees soon in place
There is room for 60 employees at the location in Prague, and Itadel estimates that the office will be fully manned in about two years from now. The first employees will be in place there in the fourth quarter of this year.

Itadel A/S is owned by the Danish private equity fund Maj Invest Equity, which took over Itadel on March 31, 2017. Itadel has undergone constant growth since its establishment in 2004. Then with 50 employees and a business volume of DKK 70 million. Today the company has 280 dedicated employees and a business volume of about one half billion Danish kroner. Itadel A/S has offices in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, as well as a newly established subsidiary in Prague.

Contact information CEO Jess Julin Ibsen, Itadel A/S, phone +45 21 62 72 60,