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    Who operates the website

    Itadel A/S

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    What is a cookie?

    A cookie is a small text file that is saved in your internet browser when you use the internet. A cookie keeps track of the settings you make when you visit websites, for instance, if you log in or purchases goods. At the same time, a cookie saves anonymous information about the use of the website. A cookie is not a program, and it contains no damaging virus.

    What do we use cookies for?

    Cookies are neccesary to make the website work. For instance, a cookie helps your browser remember if you are logged in, what you have placed in your shopping basket, and it collects information for anonymous statistics.

    Which cookies exist on

    The contents of the website are stored and managed in a HubSpot COS platform. The platform places cookies that are used for recognizing you when you browse the page. 
    Preference cookies:
    From time to time, we use feedback tools to ask the website's users about their opinions of our products and services. In order to make sure that the users only see the questions and surveys one time, cookies are used to remember the settings. Videos that are embedded in the website are embedded via YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube and Vimeo use cookies to record the videos that are shown and how much of the video you have watched. YouTube's cookies are named Flash cookies.

    Optimation cookies:
    In order to optimize and improve our website we use cookies to collect statistics about the use of the website. For instance, how many visitors the website has in a given time period, or which website pages are shown the most times.

    We use Google Analytics to collect statistical material. The material is stored by Google in the US. We also place cookies from that uses the information to target the contents on the website and collect information about the visited pages. This material is also store in the US.

    Marketing cookies:
    This type of cookies can be used to find out which pages the user has visited, and potentially to follow the user across serveral websites. We advertise via Google and Microsoft, among others, and we use cookies to target the marketing activities. 

    Reject or delete cookies

    You can always delete cookies in your browser by changing the settings on your PC. You can delete cookies temporarily, or completely reject to receive cookies. If you block cookies from your browser, please note that you will be unable to use many functions and services, because they require that the website can remember the choices you make when you use the website.