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Whether you need help optimizing databases, securing stabile platofrms or strategizing to protect yourselves against ransomware, we can help you.

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Cloud Service Operation

Cloud solutions won't operate themselves. Let us help you secure stable and secure delivery of applications from any cloud.

Database Performance Management

Databases are often at the center of you applications and an essential part of a good and stable user experience.

Cloud Desktop as a Service

With Cloud Desktop as a Service you'll elevate both the user experience, the company-wide security and save money in the process.

Kubernetes as a Service

We configure, monitor and maintain your platform for container-applications and micro-servioces

End User Services

Are you users as efficient as they can be, or are they spending time on troubleshooting it-problems. Are you prepared to help them?

Microsoft 365

Let us help you all the way from the best design of your 365-solution to securing your data and supporting users.

Consultancy services

Our specialists possess deeply specialized knowledge of integral systems such as databases, application servers and client services.

Security Services

Take control of system vulnerabilities with efficient vulnerability-scans and protect data from attacks with snapshot backup and Ransomware Recovery services.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) gives you access to a powerful and modern cloud-platform allowing you yo easily and securely build PoC's and test-systems.

Middleware & Application Services

Middleware & Application Services gives you access to the exact level of protection required to protect and secure your many business-critical applications.

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If you want to speak to one of our consultants or specialists you can contact them directly to speak about how we can increase stability or add security.