Cloud Desktop elevates the user experience

With Cloud Desktop as a Service, you elevate both the user experience and your company security - and there is even money to be saved.

Delivering desktops from the cloud

Cloud Desktop as a Service delivers the same Windows desktop experience you already know, from a centralized and secure cloud-solution.

First of all, this allows you to give users pretty much any computer. They'll always have access to the files and applications they need to do their job. 

But it also means that you'll gain increased control of who has access to what, and where files and data are saved.

Powerful 3D performance on all devices

Begin a new 3D project on your laptop, make adjustments on an iPad, and give feedback on your Smartphone. And do it all without moving, copying, and sending files back and forth.

Expand Cloud Desktop with powerful 3D capabilities, and give all your specialist's devices enough power to model and draw - no matter where in the world they work.

Let us operate your Cloud Desktops

When you choose Cloud Desktop as a Service, we'll take responsibility for building, operating, and optimizing the platform, for all your users.

We deliver the solution from whatever cloud-platform you require, and take responsibility all the way from the daily operation of the platform, to supporting your users, on the phone. It's entirely up to you.

Secure data and solid compliance

When you collect data in Cloud Desktop you'll have much greater control over the flow of data, and you can ensure that everything is always backed up.

Centralized administration also means that it'll be easier to control which users can access what data. Add on our ISO 27001 certified operational procedures and you'll be sure to meet compliance-demands.

Capital Four

Did you choose the right cloud?

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Help users get much more done

Eliminate the queue for IT-support and the slow troubleshooting on random hardware, thats limiting your productivity. 

Cloud Desktop delivers a fresh desktop for a user in a few minutes. Problem solved!

Give your specialists the 3D modeling tools and the flexibility they need, so they can spend more time designing customer-solutions, and less time fighting their devices.

Cloud Desktop significantly improves your ROI

We run your Cloud Desktop from the cloud, so you won't have to operate and maintain local servers.

You can stop giving your users expensive, specialized desktop and laptop computers, which are difficult to support and expensive to replace. All the power comes from the cloud-solution, and it can be delivered to pretty much any device.

Overall you'll be able to lower your TCO pr user, as well as increase the speed of IT-deliveries, and lower the need for support.


Become more productive

Deliver the same great user experience to everyone, on all devices, at all times.

Give users exactly the power and apps they need - nothing more, nothing less.

Adjust your solution as needed to help users get more done


Control your own data

Centralize data in one place, so no-one saves their files on the desktop or lose data.

Central data makes backup simple and efficient, and protect business continuity.

Control access across devices to ensure both compliance and administration.


Move faster. And cheaper

Speed up your users, by delivering new desktops in minutes. Offer superior performance when its needed. 

Put your money in the bank or use them to innovate solutions, rather than spending them on special hardware, expensive data centres and support-centers.