We operate all your clouds

Is it more difficult than expected to operate and optimize your cloud based it-services efficiently?

Give us the responsibility of monitoring, updating and preventing service interruption, in all the clouds your business prefer.

We call it Cloud Service Operation

Let us manage your cloud-capacity to match it to your business needs. We'll administer the changes and updates required in order for your cloud service to live up to the rigorous security and stability demands of your business.

And it means taking responsibility for operating all your platforms and services, no matter the clouds you choose.

Our best-in-class it-operations concept is based on 20 years of experience in both data center and cloud operation. And it covers all the clouds that make a difference in your business.

We call it Cloud Service Operation because it allows you to leverage all the benefits of services in any cloud, without compromising on procedures, availability and security.

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Who takes on the responsibility?

Who patches platforms and services to prevent instability and block potential attacks?

Who reacts when services are unresponsive, preventing your users from getting their jobs done?

Who plans for backup and recovery, to minimize the negative impact on your business and secure a quick return to normal operation?

We do.

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Have you chosen the right cloud?

And can you even settle for either Azure, AWS or Google? Get good advice on which global cloud can best move and support your business in the e-book: How to choose the right cloud.

24/7 monitoring and cloud readiness

We monitor your essential cloud services and platforms 24/7 to prevent downtime and so we can react quickly in order to return your services to normal operation in case of interruptions.

For you it means fewer interruptions and wider access to the systems and services that power your business.

Let us react when your essential services trigger alarms and gain access to an efficient 24/7 cloud readiness framework.

Cloud services need to be secured

Security problems and instability occur in all IT-systems. Cloud services are no exsecption.

Mitigating the problems that cause instability doesn't always fall on the most oppertune time for your users and business needs.

Via patch management we plan and execute the necessary patches and updates on your terms, to keep your cloud services solid and stabile enough to power your business.

Avoid downtime during productive business hours and skip the unwelcome surprise of an immediate, unplanned upgrade.

Downtime could cost you 35.000 DKK - per minute

When your essential IT-services are unresponsive it shows up directly on your bottom line.

Specialists unable to work, invoices not going out and interruptions in production is expensive - up to 35.000 DKK a minute, according to Gartner. As a result it's paramount to quickly return to normal operation.

Leverage both our advanced backup and Disaster Recovery measures to gain access to several backup-services and tailored Disaster Recovery options. And secure your critical data - no matter the cloud.

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See the benefits of giving us the cloud responsibility

Take advantage of our best-in-class operations services on all the platforms that make a difference for your business.

24/7 IT operation in all clouds
We take responsibility for your cloud-based services 24/7/365, so you get solid business systems and ensure that availability is top notch.

Thoroughly tested and ITIL based processes
Take advantage of our best-in-class ITIL-based processes to increase security, strengthen compliance and expand the transparency of your IT operations.

ISO 27001 certified procedures
Rely on our certified specialists and information security system to avoid compromising security when leveraging cloud solutions.


33% of cloud-spend is wasted

Too much of your cloud-investment is wasted and never utilized.
You can adjust your capacity - but do you actually do it?
Let us perform Capacity Management, to gain real control of your cloud capacity.


Downtime is caused by mistakes

You will need to alter and adjust your cloud service configurations as you go.
But are you able to do it without tripping on virtual cables?
Lean on our best-practice Change Management to protect against downtime.


Bills are out of control

A bill from a global cloud provider is as long and complicated as a dictionary.
We can make that easier.
Let us help you visualize your cloud spend and make it possible for you to determine if you're paying for more than you need.