Denmarks sharpest IT-minds for rent

Did you know that we can provide assistance from over 200 highly specialized it-consultants?If your databases, active directory, or servers need a checkup, we're here to help!

Strong profiles

Choose from many strong profiles, to get exactly the consultant and specialized skills you need.

Our consultants are specialists. They possess a deep knowledge of databases, application-servers, terminal-solutions, and clients. In addition, we have consultants with a broader profile, with experience in combining and interpreting the knowledge from specialists in different areas.

They can help you overcome very complex situations and problems.

Up to date knowledge

Our partnerships with important vendors give our consultants access to new technologies and the latest developments. We work closely with Microsoft and VMware, and our consultants continuously update their certifications and knowledge.

Infrastructure sparring

If you need sparring and input on the design and implementation of your IT-infrastructure, we can advise you on the best path for your business needs.

We'll help you design the best possible platform, and due to our involvement in many different projects, we know what works.

Processes and best practices are equally important. Segregation of duties improves your security when performing changes on business-critical systems. Let us help you define and implement the correct processes.

Secure data

We're experienced in securing data and making sure no critical files are lost when recovering data after a system failure or attack.

When IT-criminals threaten your data, we know how to act, and we can advise you on your best options for preventing future attacks.


Troubleshooting is a difficult discipline. We're often involved in forensics, when trying to identify the root-cause of a problem in an application or platform.

We secure a stringent and efficient transfer of knowledge, in close collaboration with developers, third parties, and application-specialists. Together we identify, eliminate, and prevent errors.

Capital Four


We master the entire suite of Microsoft-based infrastructure components. 

Our consultants can help you with Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, file-servers and so much more.



Office 365

Many of our customers have begun using Office 365 and we'd be happy to help you migrate to Microsoft cloud-based office-suite.

We offer workshops and education in all Office 365-services. When you attend a workshop, you'll know more about anti-virus, antis-spam, how to handle compliance, utilization of storage, email-archiving, home-office options, video-conferencing, and how to choose the correct Office 365 licensing-plan.


Public Cloud

We can help you map the best path to the public cloud. Through assessments and workshops, we map and evaluate your current infrastructure.

Based on your needs and ambitions, we migrate and transform your solutions for public cloud operation, allowing you to leverage all the scalable benefits in the cloud operating model.



Client Management

Do you need help managing and operating your company computers and virtual desktops?

We can install, update, and maintain your devices. We experienced in SCCM and Intune and we complete all tasks following best practice. This gives your business the foundation for a mature and healthy pc-landscape.


IT Security

Put security at the center of your IT-operation and platforms.

We offer IT-security workshops, focused on your reality, and aimed at solving your issues. Your employees are a weak link in the protection of your business, and you should educate them to be aware of the threats. We can help you do that.

Based on our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 experience we can help you identify your maturity-levels, and get them where you need them to be.



MS SQL, MySQL, Progress SQL, MongoDB, Oracle - we can do it all. We administer and optimize more than 500 SQL databases.
We have developed our own platform for database optimization called Ithana.

With Ithana in hand, we get a much clearer picture of how a database is performing, whats causing bottle-necks, and where to optimize, to maximize value.



Our Enterprise Private Cloud is build on VMware technologies, and we're not afraid to share our experience and learnings.

We can deliver recommandeations, and reporting on right-sizing and optimizations, as well as draw on our highly certified VMware specialists.

We are also a certified VMware Premier Cloud Provider and have attained Cloud Verified status - which recognizes our advanced skills and experience within virtualized infrastructure.



Many of our customers run demanding and complex Citrix-platforms with our assistance. We're experienced in both XenApp, XenDesktop and Netscaler.

The complexity and need for performance in Citrix environments, means platforms are always under scrutiny. Troubleshooting and optimizations are something we do every day, to ensure your employees have fast, secure and durable access to your systems.



We have one of the largest and most versatile knowledge databases about Linux in our industry. We advise and operate many Linux based systems, from the Operating system to Open-source databases and web-services

Did you choose the right cloud?

Which global cloud matches your business needs? And can you even make do with only one of them? Get advice on which cloud to use for what in our Danish e-book: How to choose the right cloud