Kubernetes as a Service

Docker containers go hand in hand with Kubernetes. We configure, monitor, and maintain both, on a dedicated platform for applications and microservices.

Orchestrate your containers

Orchestration of containers can quickly become a difficult and timeconsuming task, as your applications become untethered from the underlying infrastructure and the demand for agility and scalability increase.

Would you prefer to hand-over the application once the coding is done? Get more DevOps and give developers more freedom? Let go of the traditional operational tasks? That's where we can help you!

Capital Four

Do you have access to the correct clouds?

Which clouds best match your business-needs and can you even make do with only one? Get insights into which clouds suit you best, whether that be Azure, AWS, Google on on-premise solutions in our Danish e-book: How to choose the best cloud

Managed Kubernetes platform

Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) is also known as 'Managed Kubernetes' - it means, that we take operational responsibility for your platform, securing patch, monitoring, backup, and security, allowing you to focus on DevOps.
You handle your applications and new releases. We handle everything else.

Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) by Itadel includes setup, operations, and maintenance, as well as securing the configuration of Kubernetes components match your need for delivering applications.

We deliver patching, monitoring, backup, and secure the components tied to your platform.

As a part of our service, we offer regular standup meetings, where your developers and our DevOps specialists determine how to best to operate your infrastructure and platform, to deliver the necessary agility. In these meetinges we can share experiences and mitigate problems before they occur, and optimize proactively.


Turn collaboration into partnership

We see our collaboration as a partnership. That's why we offer, that relevant people from our management team can attend your meetings.

That gives you added insight and allows us to better plan expansions and potential upgrades to support your applications. Expansions are planned together and are strategically prepared.

Kubernetes storage

Persistent storage in Kubernetes can be done in several ways. We make sure the required amount of storage is allocated and expanded as needed. Our experienced storage-specialists will handle the task, as they monitor progess, capacity, and adjust per our agreements.

DevOps Control

You can probably easily and securely integrate your preferred CI/CD tools with our Kubernetes solutions. No matter if you prefer Gitlab, Jenkins, or Azure DevOps - there are no limitations.

Supplemental Kubernetes services

We provide a wide variety of supplemental services to use in Kubernetes and container-based applications.

If you require managed databases, connections to persistent data on servers, DNS services, etc, we can provide all of it.