Your shortcut to all Office 365 advantages

Do you have the correct Office 365 licenses, or are you paying too much? Are you utilizing all the services included to enable digital transformation? Who helps with support? And backup? And single sign-on?

We can help you all the way from the correct design of your Microsoft Office 365 solutions to securing data and supporting users.

Begin your digital transformation with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 gathers Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security in one solution.

Microsoft 365 is a collection of tools and services enabling collaboration across locations and teams, strengthening creativity and making moderne workplaces more secure.

At the same time Microsoft 365 adds to your flexibility and lowers your cost, by removing barriers to entry, and making technology easier to administer.

Give your employees access to the modern tools, driven by artificial intelligence, strengthening business security and protecting data, without limiting productivity.


Did you choose the right cloud?

Which global cloud matches your business needs? And can you even make do with only one of them? Get advice on which cloud to use for what in our Danish e-book: How to choose the right cloud

Microsoft 365 Protects users and data

Are you struggling to keep up with GDPR, or other rules and regulations and partner demands? Microsoft 365 has built-in protection of personal information and expand the user-defined options of controlling data.

There are more than 1000 confidentiality and security-controls built-in Office 365 and more than 25 other certifications.

That's how Microsoft 365 delivers greater control over how employees use company data across devices. You'll be able to control what files are accessible where, and what can be saved, copied, and shared - and with whom.

Through managing security groups, you'll be able to control who can access company-information, found across different Microsoft 365 services and systems. 

Capital Four

Office 365 speeds up digital collaboration

Microsoft 365 eases collaboration and the sharing of files and projects. It's easier than ever to edit documents online, and its possible across all the devices that make you the most productive.

Your employees can begin a videoconference with a few clicks, and add customers, partners, and vendors. You'll be able to collaborate on documents, presentations, or spreadsheets during a meeting, and polls and chats promote teamwork and makes it easier to get more done.

Maximize your Microsoft 365 return

It's important to integrate Microsoft 365 with the other solutions and tools, you already use. You need to select the right licenses and make sure you backup essential data outside the Microsoft cloud.

We can help you design the best possible Microsoft 365 design, to assure you get access to the right applications, utilize the right functions, and build solutions that can optimize the central ways your business works.

  • Designing your solution: Single sign-on, backup and recovery-plans.

  • The right licenses: Get easy access to the right licenses and a unified invoice that's easy to understand.

  • Support: Get the most out of the new cloud tools and make sure users get over problems faster.