Solid, secure and scalable applications

Middleware- and Application services deliver the exact level of protection and stability your business-critical applications need to perform optimally.

Boost stability with 24/7 operations

Whether we handle your standardized applications, middleware, or custom applications we'll deliver best-in-class service to protect your business-critical systems.

You can adjust the levels of service across solutions and platforms, to always get the exact combination to support your goals. This allows you to focus on the areas of your business that creates value for your customers.

We provide the essential operational services to protect business continuity and increased availability.

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Are your applications outgrowing your infrastructure?

No matter where you operate your applications, you need monitoring and 24/7 operations to ensure your line of business doesn't have to wait on IT. We operate your your business-critical operations in all clouds - but which one makes the most sense to your business?

Solid Middleware is the foundation for powerful applications

When you leave the responsibility for standard applications and middleware to us, we can increase availability and operational procedures around the applications you can't live without.

We monitor, patch, secure, and operate your essential middleware 24/7, ensuring backup, restore, anti-virus, and software licenses.

We do it all to make sure that your most important business-applications always deliver: Your ERP-system is only fast and efficient if the underlying database is strong and optimized. Your webshop won't convert customers, who are waiting for an underpowered webserver, to load their cart.

We support a wide variety of the essential middleware-platforms, your most critical applications depend on every single day - from databases and containers to Active Directory and Citrix-platforms.


Custom applications require custom operations

We manage the specialized systems or tasks you depend on, requiring specialized skills, customized procedures and thorough documentation.

Maybe you're leveraging specialized industry-applications? Maybe you've developed your own software? Or maybe you have demand for non-standard instructions, monitoring or security-controls to be performed 24/7.

Together we determine how to best handle your custom applications: You decide when we react, how we act if we should collaborate with a third party, and how to document our progress.

24/7 monitoring and readiness

Efficient applications and systems require round-the-clock monitoring. If you only discover a malfunctioning application once you need to use it, it's already too late.

Leverage our 24/7 Service Center operations to monitor your systems, and our best-practice service around backup to increase availability and uptime.

We can also offer to manage virus-protection of standardized applications and license management, to ensure you'll have exactly the managed services you require.