Cloud Monitoring as a Service


Do you have applications and services in Azure? Have you become dependent on scalable and dynamic cloud services and applications in Microsoft Azure? Do you think that it can actually be quite difficult to keep a sense of perspective and control as the applications use many different resources in a public cloud?

When you buy cloud services in Azure, there are, in fact, still many things that you must handle and keep track of, yourself. By default, it is not possible to get public cloud solutions as managed solutions. Thus, you will quickly find yourself spending time on ensuring that everything is running correctly – and if not, you must describe the complicated dependencies and find out how to solve the problems as fast as possible.

This task requires both time and the right competences. You may not have the required employees to solve the task. And maybe they should rather focus on other tasks.

Let us help you so that you do not need to allocate time and resources to ensure that Azure delivers. As we all know, downtime and accessibility problems are expensive.

At Itadel, we already have the process framework as well as a team of specialists that can handle the challenges you may have as you use more and more of the options that Azure offers.

Cloud Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) from Itadel enables you to use many different cloud services while keeping control.


Gain control with Cloud MaaS from Itadel

We give you the possibility to find out more about the operation and status of the applications and services you are using in Azure. We  monitor all the standard cloud performance measures on all Azure services. Together with you, we go over all your services and choose which performance measures to monitor, based on what makes sense to you. Typically, we end up focusing on uptime and accessibility.

We make sure that possible challenges connected with the most important performance measures are made visible. Cloud MaaS is created, configured, operated and maintained by our experienced operation and monitoring technicians. We always work according to best practice and draw on our knowledge and experience of monitoring IT operations.


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