We are certified by both independent it-auditors and ISO audits, allowing us to comply with necessary legal demands.

Become compliant

    Highly certified security

    Our information security management system is based on continuous monitoring, learning and improvement. We provide extensive documentation of our procedures and actions in all three areas, which is the key to success.

    Originally based on the level of security from the Danish DS484, we achieved the international ISO 27001 certification in 2013. As a result, our entire organization has a heightened level of security. The enterprise security level is supported by a dedicated security-team and a management system, and we are constantly developing competences and performing security education at all levels of the organization.

    We provide high levels of documentation, compliance and documentation of processes and activities in selected areas of our environments, enabling us to provide fully certified services. The documented risk management includes services delivered, monitoring and controls, as well as compliance.

    Itadel er ISO 27001 certificeret

    Bo Agerskov Rising

    Security Architect
    We're committed to providing scalability, enabling us to adjust your solution to your demands

    Itadel is BFIH certified

    Itadel is a certified member of the BFIH – an Industry Association for IT hosting companies in Denmark. As a member of BFIH, independent experts have reviewed our data centers based on the requirements of, among other things, ISAE 3402 to ensure that we are committed to meeting a number of quality requirements.


    Itadel er medlem af BFIH og certificeret


    Certified it-hosting solutions

    The BFIH certification helps distinguish providers, who can document high quality in their IT hosting solutions, making it easier to choose a solid and healthy provider. The certification also documents our business practices, making us a provider you can count on for years to come.


    Providing your business with a certified it-backbone

    The regulations set by BFIH members bases requirements on the ISO27002 standard. The processes behind the regulatory framework are being reviewed by an authorized accountant specializing in IT, covering six primary areas of IT hosting.

    • Secure services
    • Transparent agreements
    • Contribution to national IT security
    • Economic robustness
    • Insurance coverage
    • Quality label information on the member's website

    Read more about the BFIH certification menads here: http://www.hostingmaerket.dk/ or download our cetificate here.