Profil Optik

Profil Optik has one single shared solution for their 365 stores in three countries.

    Profil Optik and Synsam have 365 stores in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and they all have access to the same central IT systems. When Profil Optik got capital ownership, they needed a data center for a single centralized IT solution for all the stores in all the countries.

    A central solution

    In September 2008, Profil Optik makes a deal with Itadel about a central ERP solution with integrations to the stores in Denmark. After one year, the same solution is integrated with Norway and Sweden.

    - We wanted to find a hosting partner that was a major and serious player in the market. But not too large, if you know what I mean. We did not want to be the small fry in the big pond. We were looking for a partner of a considerable size compared to our company and our needs, Jørgen Zangenberg explains. - In addition, it was crucial that Itadel is highly esteemed in the market, and that they have many years of experience as well as a size that allows for flexibility and understanding of our business needs. In addition, we need a professional partner that can give us competent feedback – someone who says: "This is not going to work". With Itadel, we have that, Jørgen Zangenberg elaborates.

    Profil Optik has their own server park at Itadel

    The solution includes a number of central servers located in Itadel's data centers. Here, operation technicians and IT specialists are responsible for operating and maintaining the servers. The solution consists of Microsoft environments, primarily Hosted Exchange, Citrix XenApp Servers, Dynamics AX, SQL servers and Domain Control. Itadel reports approximately 1,500 Exchange clients and protects up to 2,700 clients against viruses. In addition, various extensions are in the pipeline.

    Competent feedback on in-house IT staffing

    In order to get access to the most recent competences and get a central efficient IT system, Profil Optik and Synsam have chosen to let Itadel handle the central servers in The Nordic countries. They have three in-house technical employees – two network administrators and one IT operation manager. The in-house focus is on application and business development, and the agreement they have with Itadel focuses on the servers, not the clients. As a consequence, they employ IT specialists for the part that Itadel is not handling.

    - We have a small number of IT employees who handle the daily client administration, and then we use Itadel to get competent feedback on staffing. We are very happy with our solution. It works impeccably, and we could not have created a better solution on our own, Jørgen Zangenberg says.

    In the future, when Profil Optik is going to integrate additional stores with the current solution, it will be easy to scale and adjust the solution. That is what it has been designed for.

    About Profil Optik

    Since 1971

    Profil Optik was established in 1971 with 25 stores – today, they have 365 stores in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In Denmark alone, Profil Optik has 135 stores that are either independent or part of a capital chain.


    2,500 employees

    Profil Optik focuses on service, quality and fashion in the medium and high-end optician market. The company has more than 2,500 employees in their own and franchise stores.