IT security starts with your business security

The specific technology you choose for your IT security is not so important, but it is crucial that the most important platforms in your business are protected correctly.

Are you prepared to protect your data?

Do you develop your IT security along with your IT solutions? Do you know where the most important data is located?

Are you in control of the IT investments that the individual departments in your business make? Do you know the consequences for the business if you are hit by ransomware or if your systems are shut down by a DDoS attack?

These questions are difficult to answer. Nevertheless, this is where we will start when we talk to you about IT security.

The technology you choose is not so important, but it is crucial that your business is protected correctly.

Capital Four

Compliance comes from both processes and technology

Implementing new technology or strict password rules will not make your company secure. Security is based on your approach to the way in which you want to secure your most important systems and data.

Itadel's dedicated security department bases its work on our well-described ISO 27001 procedures and then chooses the right technology that can solve your problems.

This means that when you talk to us about security, you will always get a holistic security solution that takes your security problems seriously at multiple levels.

Logging makes you smarter and more secure

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) provides higher IT security in a company's IT environment by collecting logs from all servers, firewalls, etc., and continuously analyzing contents, traffic patterns and changes in the environment.

SIEM is built up by modules so that customized solutions, controls, etc., can be incorporated. Compliance with international security standards like ISO 27001 can be incorporated according to customer-specific needs.

With the SmartResponse automation tool, automated events can be included in the solution, and they can help prevent ransomware attacks in the company's IT environment.

Next-generation firewall protects the business

Websites and web applications contain valuable data because they often have direct access to underlying data like customer databases, etc. Consequently, the security focus must be on applications and web applications in order to secure the company's assets.

Our Next-Generation Firewall has been developed to block more types of attacks than traditional firewall technologies are able to because it is application-based.

Among other things, the firewall helps companies control which web applications to allow, who can use them and what they can be used for.

Block ransomware efficiently

Secure DNS is an internal traffic filter that blocks malware communication and access to damaging parts of the internet. Secure DNS is especially efficient when it comes to fighting malware, ransomware and loss of sensitive data. In addition to blocking damaging content, Secure DNS also offers an insight into existing malware, if any, in your IT environment.

As Secure DNS is not client-based, it is a very scalable solution, and the protection automatically covers all the computers, tablets and smartphones in your network – from Mac/PC to smartphones or various unauthorized online units.

Installation of Secure DNS requires neither investment in hardware/software nor downtime.

There is no such thing as perfect IT security

There is no one right solution that you can focus on when you think about IT security in your IT systems. Your security is perfect when it is more expensive to break into a certain IT system than what it is worth for the people who try it. This way of thinking should be at the root of all your security projects.

If you apply maximum security in all areas, it will be far more expensive than what it is worth in practice. In addition, you make it much more difficult than it has to be for your employees who use the systems to provide services to your customers.

We can help you make the required risk assessment and the subsequent implementation of the right protection across your business.

Advanced threats require advanced IT security defenses

The security challenges in your IT environment come from many different places, so it is of vital importance that you have a sense of perspective of where the threats come from and what drives them. When the requirements to your business change, new requirements to your IT security will occur. As a consequence, the IT department must be able to move fast without compromising on security and governance.

This is difficult if your IT platforms cannot be scaled or integrated with new applications, and the deliveries get stuck in monthlong projects. In situations like these, the business units buy their own individual cloud services, which they think can help them reach their targets, and there goes all your centralized security and governance.

It is no news that the requirements to the IT department and the platforms are increasing, but the explosive speed in which it takes place is new. The same applies to your IT security. Consequently, the best way to secure your company is by choosing a hybrid IT infrastructure that is sufficiently flexible to develop along with the changes in the rest of the business.