Flexibility and control

Take charge of the guidelines for operation of your business-critical systems. In doing that, you hand over control to the IT department, and give the rest of your organization flexibility.

What does downtime cost your business?

Your IT solutions support your business in a lot of areas and let you provide faster and better services to your customers.

However, you also get more and more dependent on the accessibility of your central systems. What would non-performance of your digital products cost you? What if your global webshop did not respond? Or if you could not send invoices?

When you let us take responsibility for your business-critical solutions, we reduce your risks. Your systems will be automatically upgraded to a very high security level, you will get access to our thoroughly tested processes and can take a shortcut to high operation standards that cover the needs of most companies.

    Give the IT department control
    give the rest of the business flexibility

    When you have all your IT systems in one single place, it becomes easier and more transparent for you to establish and follow the same security rules across all your systems.

    Administration and governance become simpler and can help you meet the steadily rising requirements for documentation and compliance. When you standardize the administration of your platforms, your IT department remains in control, and they perform faster. In this way, you prevent individual departments from purchasing and using unauthorized cloud solutions that may cause security threats to your business.

    Let our knowledge help you take control

    In order for you to take control of the changes and expansions of your IT platforms, you need the right processes. For that reason, we work in accordance with the strictest procedures for changes, incidents and request fulfillment, which we support on a market-leading ITSM platform that can also be integrated with your internal systems.

    We map our competences and certifications in a knowledge map so that we can always set up the perfect team to solve possible problems. And we base all our work on the best practice we have built up during 15-years of operating hundreds of IT solutions for some of Denmark's largest companies.

    This means that you get transparent governance across your platforms, consistent and effective reporting as well as a catalog of ITIL-based operation processes that you can adjust to your needs. 

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