The ISO 27001 re-certification went smoothly


For Itadel, the ISO 27001 re-certification went very smoothly. The re-certification was carried out last week by DNV GL (the former “Det Norske Veritas” (The Norwegian Veritas)). We passed without any remarks. And we are very proud of that. There are approximately 30 Danish ISO 27001-certified companies, and Itadel is still one of them.


The certification is maintained by DNV GL by means of annual external audits. At Itadel, we have been able to deliver ISO 27001-certified security management since 2013. The certification requires that Itadel, as a company, can show that we have the necessary competences and resources to continuously meet the requirements, which in fact means establishment of a dedicated security function.


What exactly is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an international standard that describes the requirements for an “Information Security Management System” (ISMS). ISMS defines our framework for security in accordance with the standard.

The standard requires that top management:

  • Analyzes and makes decisions about security risks in consideration of threats, vulnerabilities and consequences.
  • Introduces efficient information security management.
  • Creates a reliable process to ensure that the information security management is continuously keeping the organization secure and strong.

What does the certification mean to our customers?

Our certification means that you, as a customer, can purchase IT operation from an ISO 27001-certified company.

Your solutions are operated by an ISO 27001-certified process organization, i.e., on platforms on which your data is processed confidentially, data integrity is maintained, and the data is available to the right people.

When we take over operation of your IT systems, you will automatically become upgraded to our high default process, documentation and reporting levels. As a customer, it will become easier for you to document healthy supplier management.