Database Performance

With our Ithana Database Performance Tools we give you insights into optimizing and stabilizing the databases at the core of your essential  applications.

You'll be able to make data driven decisions based on facts, and to react quickly when performance is suffering.

Make data-driven decisions

Wouldn't you like to move away from putting out fires and running exhausting war-rooms?

We can help you regain control and make decisions based on data, facts and performance-numbers.

Spend your valuable time developing ground-breaking applications and better customer experiences, by utilizing the data from our Database Performance Management tools.

Actionable information

You can add complexity as you go. Begin with a relatively simple dashboard, and when it's needed you can add advanced expansions to give you the complete picture and all the nuances.

You could also let us take over the responsibility of your SQL servers. We can operate, maintain, and secure your servers, by adding monitoring, backup, restore, and troubleshooting. When necessary we can collaborate with your other vendors, ERP-partners, or web-developers.

You can also adjust the level of reporting to match your developing needs.

Capital Four

Did you choose the best cloud?

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Fixed price

It's always our goal to keep your platform and database-operations as balanced, optimized, and secure as possible. We focus in making the daily routines work and minimizing interruptions in service.

You're can be secure in the knowledge that you have maximum safety and predictability, at a fixed price. You can also choose a single-instance check of a database!

Database Health Check

If you need to understand sporadic or reoccurring bottlenecks or interruptions in a service, a Database Health Check could give you the insights you need.

A database health check gives you the option of collecting concrete, historical data from a database of your choosing. This data allows you to identify bottlenecks, and which systems are causing them.

After a period of collecting data, we perform a deep-dive analysis, to identifying what's holding your systems back. And we'll deliver our prioritized recommendations and plan of action.

Ongoing performance monitorering

After completion of a health check, you can decide to continue monitoring the health of your database. That will create a unique opportunity to continuously optimize and proactively keep trouble away. This will help you discover root causes and avoid war-rooms when applications don't perform like you expect.