Could you boost  employee efficiency?

Eliminate the IT-obstacles preventing your employees from being as productive, as they could be. Our End-user IT services will boost your employee productivity, secure workstations, and end-points, allowing you to focus on helping your customers and optimizing your business

End User Support

Get access to our 24/7 support services, which handle all types of tickets and questions. Your employees will get help faster, and you reduce your dependency on individuals in your own organization.

Focus on getting your employees the right kind of help, whenever they need it, so they can get back to work. Stop wasting time on educating supporters, scheduling work-calendars, and recruiting. 

We'll adhere to your policies. We document our joint procedures and tasks. We report continuously on our progress. We do all that because our most important job is to make sure your specialists don't waste their time but spend it creating value for your customers.


Whether you speak danish or English, if you prefer to call or write an e-mail, or if you need assistance at 3 AM or 3 PM, your Help Desk is ready to solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

We handle all types of IT-issues from one, centralized point of contact. And we document all procedures and improvements to give you access to data and insights into how Help Desk helps your business move faster.


SPOC - Single Point of Contact - is one, coherent way to catch and dispatch all your IT-related inquiries, across systems, locations, and vendors.

You get access to a 24/7 point of contact, where specialists are ready to review your important incoming inquiries and subsequently relay them to the right specialist or third party.

Our 24/7 setup means we can initiate troubleshooting, activate your software partners or other third parties, as soon as service stops working as planned. Short reaction time yields quicker resolution times, less downtime, and less waiting.

Capital Four

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace Services handle all your employee's digital workspaces - desktop, laptops, and mobile devices - in one solution.

We give you greater control over user devices and data, no matter if your employees perform their tasks in the office, at home or on the go.

You'll easily be able to provide new workspaces for new employees, you'll get powerful, unified compliance, reduced risk, keep control of software-rollouts, and get a coherent view of your it-health. All at a fixed price, pr user.

Client Management

When you choose Client Management services, we take responsibility for your PC's and virtual desktops, to make sure they're secure, up to date, and ready to go. 

Your users spend less time waiting for devices and support and spend more time creating value for your customers and your business.

We install, update, and maintain your devices. We secure your applications and maintain replacement hardware. We do it all by best practice, giving you the foundation for a mature and healthy system-landscape.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management handles all your iOS and Android devices. You'll get access to administration, set-up, security, app-handling, and remote management in one solution. Including the private devices, your employees bring in to work.

We make sure your company-apps are qualified before use, and we collect them in a secure, dedicated area, on company-phones.

On-site support

Let us support you on location in your offices - either every day or on an ad-hoc basis, when you need an extra pair of hands.

We handle a variety of tasks, from setting up new workspaces, managing WiFi, printers, LAN, etc.

Having supporters on-site helps your employees solve IT-issues faster, they get great service and are secure in the knowledge, that help is not far away. We document all our tasks and comply with your demands for compliance.