Enterprise Infrastructure as a Service

Gain access to strong, scalable, danish cloud-infrastructure, with a transparent billing-model that's easy to oversee.

Robust infrastructure - scalable cloud

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivers a secure, stable, and flexible infrastructure-platform, perfect for implementing proof-of-concept, test-systems, and staging environments.

IaaS gives you easy access to powerful and easily scalable cloud-resources, allowing your developers to deliver projects and PoC's faster.

You'll be able to leverage all the compute-, storage- and networking components necessary, in order to build the servers and infrastructure to match your changing needs.

In our Enterprise Cloud you'll have the same infrastructure-options you'll find in a global public cloud, but with the option of running your services from Danish data centers and utilizing a more transparent billing-model. 


Easily turn it up. And down.

Via the integrated cloud portal, you'll have access to your own private, virtual data center. This allows you to configure solutions and distribute resources as you wish.

Access to your cloud solutions happens either via secured connections or the public internet, letting you build, operate, and connect to services anywhere you want. 

You'll have freedom to implement and operate your Operating Systems, middleware, network services, firewall, applications, backup, monitoring, patching, anti-virus, and much more, as you see fit.

And should you require operational assistance, you'll be able to upgrade to managed services from our Service Center.

Capital Four

Did you choose the right cloud?

Which global cloud matches your business needs? And can you even make do with only one of them? Get advice on which cloud to use for what in our Danish e-book: How to choose the right cloud

Get online faster. And stay there

Infrastructure as a Service is especially well suited to deliver Proof of Concept environments, running for a shorter period of time.

The platform is also ideal for development and test-environments, benefitting from quick scaling and for solutions requiring greater control over data location.

We monitor the availability of the underlying hardware-infrastructure, virtualization, self-service portal, and API's 24/7, and handle the ongoing optimizations and capacity management.

You can focus on building the servers and environments you need, exactly when you need them.

Build on your own. Let us do the heavy lifting

You won't pay anything to access our Enterprise Cloud platform - you only pay for what you use.

And we can cap your maximum monthly spend, allowing your developers to build whatever they need, without running up a large bill.

Don't want to do your own operations? You don't have to! Once your solutions are operational, we can migrate them to a Managed Private Cloud, where we offer OS operation, Middleware operation, and many other services

This allows you to develop your solutions at your own pace, and add 24/7 monitoring and managed services, once your projects are operational.

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