Put security at the center of your it-operations 

Security is essential for our way of operating and optimizing your IT-solutions - that's why we're ISO 27001 certified and ITIL-trained.

Identify your vulnerabilities in time

It's expensive and complicated to protect your business from ransomware. And the cost of recovery after an attack is often immense. The task of identifying and attack and recovering data alone can take a long time. Time, many businesses cant afford.

Our Vulnerability Scanning Service continuously monitors your servers Operating Systems and applications for all known vulnerabilities, to preempt potential attackers.

Disaster Recovery Services provide the latest and best technologies to securely back up and provide recovery of your solutions, whilst having a minimal negative effect on the operations of your related systems.

All in all, our security services give you maximum security both before and after a potential attack.

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Unsure of security?

You may not know your current skill level or risk profile. But we can help you with that, so you can make intelligent and fact-based decisions about securing your IT solutions.

Artificial intelligence protects from ransomware

Discover when IT-criminals attempt to lock or encrypt your data, and gain the operational framework you need to quickly return to normal operation.

With Ransomware Recovery we continually take snapshots of your important servers and systems. The snapshots include a wealth of metadata that we monitor and via machine learning scan for patterns and deviations.

In case of an attach we can quickly identify which of your systems and applications are affected and where in your infrastructure those systems are located. By utilizing machine learning our service can continuously improve its detection model, and stay ahead of the most advanced threats.

If Ransomware Recovery identifies infected files, the affected systems will be placed in a secure area. Then we re-create the latest, pure files, to remove malicious code from your systems.

Automatic Vulnerability Scanning

Identify and remove vulnerabilities in your servers before they compromise your security and affect the stable delivery of business-critical systems.

Vulnerability Scanning gives you a transparent risk-profile and the option of making data-driven decisions about security before vulnerabilities turn into back-doors in your infrastructure.

We scan all your servers and crossreference patch and update-levels against the NIST directory og known vulnerabilities. Based on that we generate a monthly report, informing you of potential vulnerabilities and the severity of each of them.

Together we'll plan the optimal patch-strategy, to help you eliminate vulnerabilities and shut the door on cyber-criminals.

Efficient Disaster Recovery Services

Accidents, attacks, and loss of data do occur. That's why a flexible and strong strategy for Disaster Recovery is crucial in order to secure your business-critical data.

Our Disaster Recovery services are based on snapshots, giving you the benfit og quickly re-establishing your data in case of disaster. And that goes for both private cloud, public cloud and on-premises servers and services.

Our Disaster Recovery Services give you the option of handing off, migrating, or restoring data across different types of clouds. And it's up to you wether data backup-data should remain in a public cloud or be replicated to our danish data centers for added security

You'll have your choice of full, incremental, or differential backup-methods, and control of required retention-time - across all the platforms that matter to your business.

See the advantages of giving us the responsibility

Take advantage of our best-in-class operations services on all the platforms that make a difference for your business.

24/7 IT operation in all clouds
We take responsibility for your cloud-based services 24/7/365, so you get solid business systems and ensure that availability is top notch.

Thoroughly tested and ITIL based processes
Take advantage of our best-in-class ITIL-based processes to increase security, strengthen compliance and expand the transparency of your IT operations.

ISO 27001 certified procedures
Rely on our certified specialists and information security system to avoid compromising security when leveraging cloud solutions.